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SoundCloud HTML5 Widget: ready for primetime

After months of testing, SoundCloud have announced that they are now making HTML5 the default for serving up their embeddable widgets. They’ve also added some great new features to it:

Today we are adding two major new features to our HTML5 widgets – Comments and Likes. This means that from now on you’re able to comment on sounds embedded anywhere on the web and you can save them as a favorite on SoundCloud too.

Also, we are proud to announce that today we are officially switching our default widget to be the HTML5 widget. We also know that our major partners plan to support it in the near future. Of course the old Flash widget will be still available if you need it as an alternative option.

This is great news for the ongoing rollout of HTML5 in the wild and is a great example of what the technology can be capable of. There’s still a Flash fallback too, so it’s not like moving to HTML5 means that any users are locked out.