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Say hello to Jousey Gifts & Gadgets

At the start of the year, we started to develop ideas for an e-commerce business. For years I’ve worked on websites and commerce solutions for other businesses, both big and small. But I’ve always been playing to someone else’s tune; developing things around someone else’s business objectives and aesthetics.

So, when Jo came up with the idea for a boutique online gift store, we started to put the wheels into motion for creating something different, taking everything we know about online commerce, and moulding it into something of quality and substance.

We’re on a long journey with this project — that’s a long way to go — but last week we hit our first big milestone, with the soft launch of Jousey, a place to buy unique gifts and gadgets. The first iteration of the design has been carefully crafted to make simple and intuitive to use, but with a fresh, vibrant feel which we think breaks the mould of boring online stores.

We’re curating big, bold and beautiful product imagery to complement the choice products we’re stocking. And since we’re all doing more and more browsing on our mobile devices these days, we’ve crafted the site to adapt and look just as beautiful on phones and tablets. There are lots of updates and new features in the works over the coming months, and it’s great to have the opportunity to be working on a growing, evolving design for a change.

We’ll be having a proper press launch next month, and you can keep up-to-date with all of our adventures into selling the very best, hand-picked gifts at the site’s blog.

Hot new iPhone apps fail when it comes to accessibility

Joe Clark has some strong words for the current crop of popular iPhone apps:

iPhones and iPads are the easiest systems to make accessible in the history of computing. iOS, moreover, is the funnest accessible development environment there ever was. You’ll have a whale of a time testing this shit out. VoiceOver, like an Oscar Pistorius prosthesis, is actually cool.

But if you can’t make it happen in the first place, you suck as a developer.

Accessibility seems to be getting sidelined when it comes to creating apps, and it’s a worrying trend.