Adobe unveiling the Digital Design Suite

Mashable report that Adobe are about to unveil their Digital Publishing Suite, a tool which will allow publishers to create Wired-style digital magazines:

The Digital Publishing Suite will let publishers create, produce, distribute and monetize their digital magazines and content across different devices and marketplaces. The App Store is obviously the biggest target of the Digital Publishing Suite right now, but the platform is designed in such a way that it is easy to target multiple marketplaces at once.

At first glance, it looks like Adobe have thought the publishing workflow through quite well on this, with distribution, monetization and analytics built right in to the toolset – they’re obviously focused on keeping ahead of the game in this profitable area. But the authoring platform is heavily focused on InDesign, and I’m not convinced that’s the right tool for creating the next generation digital magazines: it’s a tool for creating page-based print designs, not the rich, interactive experiences we’ve come to expect.

An interesting closing comment from Christina Warren:

Thanks to desktop publishing tools, the barriers to creating professional content and layouts have really been reduced. With the App Store, and mobile devices and tablets, the distribution barrier is also breaking down, allowing more publishers — big and small — to get their content onto digital devices.

The distribution and publishing barriers were broken down a long, long time ago: HTML and PDF are much better tools for modern-day publishing. HTML5 and CSS3 blow the pants off of anything these bespoke, proprietary solutions can offer.

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