Announcing the jQuery Mobile Project

John Resig on the forthcoming jQuery mobile project:

The jQuery project is really excited to announce the work that we’ve been doing to bring jQuery to mobile devices. Not only is the core jQuery library being improved to work across all of the major mobile platforms, but we’re also working to release a complete, unified, mobile UI framework.

This looks great, and with a track record of delivering solid, well-documented code, this is going to be a welcome addition to the jQuery family. A unified approach to mobile web UI is desperately needed, and sounds like they are going to be targeting a wide range of platforms:

The critical difference with our approach is the wide variety of mobile browsers we’re targeting with jQuery Mobile. We’ve been working hard at bringing jQuery support to all mobile browsers that are sufficiently-capable and have at least a nominal amount of market share. In this way we’re treating mobile web browsers exactly how we treat desktop web browsers.

And, they’re approaching the visual design in a good way: talking in terms of “design language”:

From a design perspective, we have a unique challenge because we need a universal design system that will feel “right” on a broad range of devices instead of directly mimicking the design style of a particular platform.

To that end, we aim to synthesize a touch-friendly design language that can work well across a range of form factors from smartphone to tablet and a range of mobile platforms. A new ThemeRoller tool will be developed that will allow designers and developers to quickly design a custom theme that fits their color scheme and style to make a highly branded experience possible across all devices and browsers.

It’s worth reading the entire strategy statement.

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